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Our sister company, Bare Naked Words Author Services can help with your book promotion once your manuscript is ready for release. Our promotions include Cover Reveals, Release Days and Blog Tours.

              Please head over to for full information on our services.

If you need graphics, covers, or book formatting, we highly recommend LJ Designs.
                    You can contact Lou at or at                                                                              



Editing is just one part of the process, with proofreading being another. 

Any good editor will advise you to have a group of at least 5-10 trustworthy, honest beta readers in your publishing team to be ready to help review your story before and after editing. 
Betas allow you gain as much feedback as possible to the ensure the manuscript is as clean and readable as possible.

Self-publishing can prove expensive.

Make sure your betas are with you as much as your editors are.


Together we can make your story truly unforgettable.


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